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Label - Teejays

Designer : Feeha Noor Jamshed

Contact Details: Phone – (+92) 03012115672

Email - Teejays Group via Facebook

Website - Under construction

Collection : ‘Teejays Roxy'

A collection designed under the campaign ‘ONE NATION, TEEJAYS NATION'. It is Feeha's celebration of women and of her mother, in particular, who taught her that a woman who believes in herself is a woman who can conquer the world. She is a woman of substance - a woman of Pakistan .

The collection emphasises a use of our national export, cotton, elevating it to a choice fabric for affordable designer wear.

Feeha's stint at the Pakistan School of Fashion Design may have been cut short, but the training she gleaned from childhood, surrounded by tailors, cuttings and patterns has been invaluable. Heir to the retail brand Teejays, that revolutionised fashion in Pakistan from the early '70s, Feeha is following in her father, Tanvir Jamshed 's pioneering footsteps. Teejays is the brand that made the shalwar kameez fashionable and she has, in a short time, shown the innovation and design sense needed to revive Teejays as a chic yet affordable label. Feeha strongly believes in the Teejays' philosophy that ‘to look good does not mean that it has to be expensive'. Kudos to Feeha for following her dream and allowing dreams to become accessible to all.